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Get AHA Certified in Basic Life Support AED for Infants, Children and Adults.

Both BLS and First Aid/CPR Training

Many people are unaware of how to respond and the correct technique for handling a choking situation when dealing with a family member, friend, or stranger.  Our training program will offer you a jumpstart in saving someone's life in any given situation.

Why Choose Us

All instructors and Training Sites are very professional and knowledgeable in life saving techniques and have years of experience. We use real-life scenarios that are applicable to most situations that individuals may encounter, regardless of profession. 


Basic Life Support AED, Includes CPR (Duration: 30 minutes Skills, 1.5-2 Hours Recertification, 4 hours for BLS Providers)

• Adults 30-2 Chest Compressions to Air With Bag Mask
• Infants 15-2 Chest Compressions to Air With Bag Mask
• Responsiveness for a Choking Situation for Adults, Children, and Infants
• Proper Use of Resuscitator Bag

Training Cost for Individual.  Please contact for Group/Business rates.

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.
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